About us

Our first litter was born in 1998. Since then we dedicated our life and energy to this breed and the work in our breeding club.

Meanwhile there are lots of wonderful Sambesi Waters dogs, all living happy and satisfied with their families. Of course some of them are also dog show Champions and breeding dogs as well. We just want to say a big Thank You to all our great puppy owners, who made that possible.

Our Litters:
21.07.1998 A-Wurf, MCH Gabaza`s Cabo x Kilima Simba Barka
23.07.2000 B-Wurf, Danest Tjabo Letsatsi x Kilima Simba Barka
11.10.2001 C-Wurf, Shangani Bakiro x Asali of Sambesi Waters
01.01.2003 D-Wurf, Chipangalis Kamani x Asali of Sambesi Waters
04.07.2004 E-Wurf, Pronkberg Makari x Asali of Sambesi Waters
15.10.2005 F-Wurf, Bukuru of Sambesi Waters x Bankenique Dark Delight
01.03.2006 G-Wurf, Ye Japha Banjoko x Asali of Sambesi Waters
02.03.2007 H-Wurf, Hattli Chingaan x Bankenique Dark Delight
10.06.2008 I-Wurf, Veldtkammer Get ofa my Cloud x Bankenique Dark Delight
03.05.2010 J-Wurf, Doberidge Duck’n'Dive x Bankenique Dark Delight
19.05.2013 K-Wurf, Jewel Jukskei of Sambesi Waters x Veldtkammer Golden Gun
12.06.2016 L-Wurf, CH Nyangani Nelson Gently x Veldtkammer Golden Gun

10.06.2018 M-Wurf, Juwel Juksei of Sambesi Waters x Ellaria Nightshade by Qwandoya

12.03.2020 N-Wurf Ajabu Nayo Maleko of the Imbassa Tribal x Ellaria Nightshade by Qwandoya